Sunday, March 22, 2009

trip to DESAru...

[ best nye laut kt blkg 2 ]

smlm aku n mmbe aku, 4 org semua nye g DESARU coz kite org teringin sgt nk mndi laut..
prjln dr UTM g desaru amik mse lbh kurang 1 jam 45 mnit...jln die agak membosankan n kiri knan ladang sawit  n lalu byk kwsan felda..b4 smpai desaru kiteorg snggah kt kota tinggi dlu, tapau mkn utk lunch nnt...time kite org smpai desaru, x rmai sgt org..nmpk je laut, kite org dh jerit2 coz rse teruja sgt...laut 2 cm lmbai2 je aku...syok giler nk mndi kite org lpak2 dlu isi perut, lg pon cuace pnas terik time kite org smpai 2..then pas mkn, ape lg, tukar la uniform then trus terjun kt giler...enjoy mmg enjoy, tp pas2 muke x kisah la, jnji dpt mndi laut...n pasni kite org mmg nk g sne ag..klu g rmai2 ngn mmbe2 msti lg syok... 

[ panas terik time ni ]

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


tggal 7/3 yg lpas, genap la umur aku 22 thun...thun ni xde celebrate sgt cm thun lpas2 coz hr 2 aku blk kg coz abg long aku, aku just dpt sms wishes dr kwn2 jer...thnks lots 4 all da wishes... syukur Allah pnjangkan umur aku smapi ke 22 tahun...byk yg aku harapkan sepanjang umur aku 22 tahun yg mndatang ni...moga Allah kuatkan lg semangat aku yg makin rapuh ni n semoga pe yg mndatang aku dapat tempuhi dgn tabah...

[kek dr kakak n abg ipar aku yg aku syg sgt2]

[ cupcakes dr kwn2 ku syg...sdaappp]

Friday, March 13, 2009


i cant find the word
to tell wut im feel now
to show how my life now
feel jaded of everything
give up 2 do something
tired to waiting
stuck of thinking

and im loosing something
that i need so much
feel wanna fly away
through the blue sky
coz i know there is heaven
and see the small world
with no pain
to hide inside
and this feeling shall last
and prove that i strong enough
to let it go
just keep me awake
keep me dazed

 everything will get better
if i can stay for a while
find another way
to be exactly
wut i supposed to be
and to be happier one day
waiting you will hold my hand
then we dancing through the rain
telling our hopes and fears
and i believe
theres no more tears......